Mike Brindisi
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The New York Rock

Though known for its vibrant music scene, Ithaca NY is a relative fishbowl musically, often keeping its boundless talents within city limits for nobody outside the local scene’s elite to hear. Meet the fish that jumped out of the water.

The New York Rock has been one of the city’s shining stars since its founding in February 2008 by Mike Brindisi (Guitars/Vocals) and John O’Leary (Keyboards). Began as a dream of Brindisi on the streets of Manhattan, the dream behind the New York Rock started with handfuls of change in the bottom of a guitar case following a brief stint on Saturday Night Live and a rough runaround in Nashville, when a trip down south after high school ended with “a broken heart, empty pockets and another tough lesson learned.” MORE >

Mike Brindisi & The New York Rock

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Mike Brindisi & The New York Rock



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Passfire (Upcoming Albumn) Passfire   Taste (Taste) Taste
Crawl (Counting Pennies) Crawl   Show You (Taste) Show You
Words (Counting Pennies) Words   The Highway Song (Taste) The Highway Song

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